Rhys Martin is an author and photographer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. His love of travel was born in 2009 when he sold all of his possessions and left the country. For ten months, he lived out of a backpack for ten months and explored southeast Asia and Europe.

After returning home, Rhys looked at his home state with fresh eyes. He started visiting the back roads of Oklahoma and quickly understood the significance of historic Route 66 to the greater American story. He has traveled all 2,448 miles of the Mother Road and continues to explore the quiet Main Streets of the Midwest.

Rhys’s travel writing and photography has been featured in several publications including TulsaPeople Magazine, This Land Press, Route 66 Magazine, Nimrod Journal, Inbound Asia Magazine, The Oklahoman, and the Tulsa World. His most recent project is a book from Arcadia Publishing called Lost Restaurants of Tulsa. The book features the stories of nearly 50 iconic eating establishments in the city, starting in the 1930s and working up through the 1980s.

Rhys is the President of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association, serves on the Tulsa Route 66 Commission, and is an adviser for the Route 66 Alliance. He loves to connect with people and share his experiences.

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  1. Hey, Rhys. Nice work! You have a real talent. I teach history at Southern Nazarene University and am writing a new Oklahoma History book. It is a not-for-profit project in conjunction with the Oklahoma Historical Society and the 501c3 Burbridge Foundation. I would love to have your permission to include your great shot of the Wheelock Church. I’ll of course attribute it to you, as well as give your website address to help drive more folks to it. Keep up the great work!

    1. Even today I cannot believe that I actually did it; it was most definitely a life-altering experience. I don’t go so far as to say it changed me as a person, but, it made me sure of who I was. I became MORE of myself, if that makes sense.

  2. Rhys, many thanks for the excellent book. Lost Restaurants of Tulsa is one of the most well written and researched Tulsa history books I have read. I also appreciate the contribution you bring to the Oklahoma Route 66 Association meetings. It never ceases to amaze me the rich sources of information and perspective amalgamated there. I hope you have a great 2019!

  3. It would be neat if you could do a “lost car dealerships of Tulsa” book. Talking to the old timers at various car club meets and shows you can get a lot of information on this niche aspect that ties Tulsa’s car culture together. A lot of interesting stories for sure!

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