The Quintessential Malaysian Motorbike

Throughout Malaysia, motorbike traffic is everywhere. Although it's not quite as heavy as it was in Indonesia, the bikes here are in generally better condition. One thing I've noticed is that nearly HALF of all motorbikes I see are the same model. The Boon Siew/Honda EX5 Dream This particular bike has a basket in front, … Continue reading The Quintessential Malaysian Motorbike

Taman Negara – Day 2

Taman Negara, widely touted as the world's oldest primary rainforest ("Yes! It's even older than the Amazon!" read the brochures), is nonetheless a beautiful destination to explore. Though not independently confirmed as the "oldest," much to the chagrin of local tourist companies, it is dated at approximately 130 million years old, and has the added … Continue reading Taman Negara – Day 2

From (R) to (D). What Happened?

I was born and raised in Oklahoma, one of the most conservative of the United States. My parents are Republican, as is just about everyone else. Growing up, I was raised to believe in the basic Republican tenets:1) Fiscal Conservative2) Smaller Government3) Strict Constitutional Interpretation4) Environmental AwarenessRonald Reagan was the Prez during my early youth, … Continue reading From (R) to (D). What Happened?