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Rhys Martin was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1981. In 2009, he sold everything he owned and left the country, living out of a backpack for ten months. He discovered a passion for photography while traveling throughout Southeast Asia and Europe. After returning home, he looked at his home town and Oklahoma heritage with fresh eyes. When he began to explore his home state, Rhys turned his attention to historic Route 66. As he became familiar with the iconic highway, he began to truly appreciate Oklahoma’s place along the Mother Road. He has traveled all 2,400 miles of Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles. He has also driven many miles on rural Oklahoma highways to explore the fading Main Streets of our small towns. Rhys has a desire to find and share the unique qualities of the Sooner State with the rest of the world. Cloudless Lens Photography has been featured in several publications including This Land, Route 66 Magazine, Nimrod Journal, Inbound Asia Magazine, The Oklahoman, and the Tulsa World. Rhys loves to connect with people and share his experiences; ask him about enjoyable day trips from Tulsa, locations along Route 66, and good diners or burger joints along the way.

Sooner State Show-Off

I love getting to experience my city for new visitors.  I also really enjoy showing people what’s so special about Route 66.  Today, I was able to do both AND showcase some of Oklahoma’s unique landscape for my friend Rose. I met … Continue reading

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A Much-Needed Escape

The last few weeks have been hectic in the Martin household.  In fact, the Martin household no longer includes a house!  We listed our home for sale in early March…and it sold in five hours.  We found a house we want … Continue reading

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Lost Tulsa Restaurants – Help Needed

I need your help! I am currently researching information for a book about Tulsa’s Lost Restaurants.  Although I can’t capture them all, my goal is to put something together that shows the history of the city through the diners & favorite … Continue reading

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A Look Back in Southeast Kansas

Back in October of 2014, I took a little roadtrip into southeast Kansas.  I had never visited the town where my father was born and it sounded like as good a destination as any.  I was reminiscing a bit tonight … Continue reading

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The Poplar Vote

Friday morning, I woke early.  5:00 AM early, in fact. I had a decision to make.  Should I drive straight home, or should I map a full day of driving? I had a few locations saved that I could detour to see, … Continue reading

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Showing Myself the Show-Me State

The last two days in Columbia, Missouri have been work days.  That being said, I made sure to maximize my time when I’m not in the office, and as I hoped I’ve been able to visit some of the small … Continue reading

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Winding Through Missouri

When I hopped on the highway this morning, I didn’t head to the office like normal.  At least, not to MY office.  My employer sent me to Columbia, Missouri to do some job shadowing at a satellite office.  I love … Continue reading

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