First Post!

So because MySpace continually eats my posts and says, “Sorry, this error that happens all the time was completely unexpected and we’re so very sorry. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Whatever you were writing was not important anyway.” I’ve decided to start posting here.

Why Blogspot?

Honestly, I typed ‘blog’ in Google and this was the first blog that showed up. Plus I recognize the icon, so I know I’ve seen it around. Also, it’s associated with Google. Yep. I’m a slave to commercialization.

So, what DID I write down earlier tonight?

Well, for starters, my jaw is still in quite a bit of agony. I had my wisdom teeth removed a week from yesterday and although I’m off the heavy pain meds (hooray for clarity!) I still need to take four ibuprofen about three times a day. Unfortunately, by the time I realize I’m hurting again, it swells to unsleepable proportions and I have to wait till it takes effect. So here I sit.

Fargo is a good movie, but I can’t exactly say why. I watched it tonight after election coverage and it was like having a beer with an old friend. The characters in the movie are ridiculous, but in a real-world nothing-ever-makes-sense kind of way. I feel like I know those people. Indi says the movie makes her feel hopeless, but I don’t see it that way. The absurd dark comedy that is life looks just like that.

Anyway…I dunno what else was lost in the MySpace void. I’m off to find easy-to-use tools for this thing.

One thought on “First Post!

  1. You know, I watched Fargo for the first time medicated, after having the C-section for my son. Is there a connection between good pain meds and Fargo that has gone undetected for years?Lanna

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