Bad Dates

On May 22nd, Indiana Jones will once again grace the silver screen.

And yes, silver screen is appropriate. Harrison Ford is in his Centrum days. There hasn’t been an Indiana Jones motion picture since 1989. That’s 19 years without the fedora and bullwhip. Plus they added a kid in Shia Lebouf. Yes, Karen Allen is returning as Marion. Yes, Steven Spielberg is directing. I’m optimistic, but there are a lot of variables.

The trailer is now online. A quick Google search will turn it up. There is some self-awareness in the movie about Harrison’s age…which I welcomed. As long as it doesn’t go overboard, some of that HAS to be in there. For all the good qualities that Spielberg brings to the table, George Lucas tends to cancel out much greatness. See: Prequel Trilogy.

I’ll be there opening weekend. I don’t feel as psyched about it as I am about Batman. Or Iron Man, really. Perhaps as time gets closer the 8-yr-old that saw Last Crusade in the theater will return. Hopefully I won’t have to revert the ol’ noggin to 8-yrs-old to enjoy the film.

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