Time Travel

I’m a science fiction fan. Not really a nut, per se, like conventions and such…but a fan. My favorite type of sci-fi is time travel.

My favorite series in this vein is Back to the Future. Anyone that knows me knows what a fan I am; hell, I dressed as Marty (circa 1985) for Halloween last year. I have three model DeLoreans on a shelf in my living room, one version for each movie. Whenever I see a new film advertised that deals with time travel or something similar, I’m filled with an equal amount of dread and excitement. It can go so wrong…like with Timeline. Or, it can go well…like with the film I watched this evening, Frequency.

Frequency is one of my faves. It’s not a true time travel movie, as a person doesn’t travel to a different time period but through a ham radio an adult son talks to his father thirty years in the past. What starts as a good intention sets some things in motion that turns a father/son reuniter piece into a crime drama and suspense thriller. It plays with some conventions and ends up being a great little movie.

I’ve long sustained that Dennis Quaid is a better actor than he gets credit for and this was the first movie I saw Jim Caviezel in. I love the way the film wraps around itself and the
“dual real time” changes that occur and affect both time periods. I’m also a bit of a sucker for period pieces from the 60s and 70s (Zodiac was amazing.) so that doesn’t hurt either.

One thought on “Time Travel

  1. omg. Frequency is such an amazing film. I haven’t seen it in ages. Do you own it? If so we should make you sit through a second viewing.I, like you, am a sucker for time travel movies. The whole subject is fascinating. I think the one time travel movie that really stuck with me was Butterfly Effect. Though I hate Astin Kutcher (or however you spell it) I liked the way they portrayed how little differences in the past will have enormous effects in the future.

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