I spent the evening with my old friend, Tony. It was good times. We spent the night watching/listening/discussing the Presidential Primaries held tonight.

I am a Barack Obama supporter. I’m a lifelong Republican (yes, at 26 years of age I realize that’s not saying a lot, but whatever) but the last eight years have soured me on the GOP message. I do like John McCain. I think he’s a bit too old, though. Indi and I had a great discussion where we compared him with Reagan. When Reagan started to go a little wonky, he went back into Actor days. When McCain goes wonky, he’s going to go back to Vietnam. Not really the guy I want at the button. Or at the phone at 3 a.m.

On the other side of the Democratic ticket, we have Hillary Clinton. I can not stand this woman. How much of that is holdover from Bill? I don’t really know. I do know that she represents ‘old school politician’ to me. I also know that when she’s backed into a corner, she bites. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. (Yes, they’re all politicians…) Barack represents regime change for me. In the same way I’m sure JFK represented a ‘new guard’ when he was elected. He inspires me and gets me excited about politics. I think he strives to reach a place that most folks don’t try to reach anymore.

Interestingly, if Huckabee had run in 2000 or 2004 I’ve have voted for him. I really like the guy and he lines up with me in most idealogical senses. Bush, however, has tainted me on the “Hey, I’m a good Christian guy that wants to be President” idea. If Dubya is the measuring stick, the world simply cannot support that.

If it ends up being Clinton vs. McCain, I’m voting McCain. My dislike for Clinton is that deeply rooted.

(All that being said, it’s going to be extremely important for all three of these candidates to have solid veeps.)

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