That’s Right!

On the recommendation of my good friend Mark, I rented ‘There Will Be Blood’ on Wednesday. Watched it and loved it…but understand that it isn’t a movie for everyone.

Daniel Day-Lewis plays an oilman (you’ll agree) around the turn of the century. It follows him as he starts his career and ends at the twilight of his life. The primary part of the story has him in a small California town pitted against the local preacher, a holier-than-thou (ha) faith healer played by Paul Dano. What a fantastic film.

My favorite film of ’07 is still No Country for Old Men but this is right up there. This movie falls into what I call the ‘American Epic’ category. Movies like The Searchers and The Godfather…detailed, realistic, deliberate. The score is also fantastic: Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead) performs some amazing feats with traditional period instruments that really put you on edge. The first time I watched the movie, I wasn’t sure, but the second time it was perfect. I now own the soundtrack, in fact! ^-^

And boy, how perfect was Day-Lewis? His character of Daniel Plainview is pitch perfect. From the first fifteen minutes of NO speech to the infamous milkshake line he skirts the line of overbearing and comes across very similar to Javier Bardem’s character in No Country: Not a nice guy, but very loyal to his own personal code. He just chews up scenery. Great acting all around, actually; children and all.

So, yes, heartily recommended.

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