Music Review (inspired by Indi)

In homage to Indi’s most recent music review, I thought I’d share some recent music experiences of mine. I’d also like to introduce my random arbitrary rating scale…

1 star – Older than McDonald’s
2 stars – Glenn Campbell in True Grit
3 stars – RC Cola on Tap
4 stars – Sinclair leaves B5
5 stars – Josh Lyman on the Mary Marsh Show

Daft Punk – Human After All
I came into this album from an interesting angle: I already own and am a big fan of the Alive 2007 album, which is primarily a live version of this record intermixed with their previous efforts. It was cool to be able to hear the songs in their original “studio” version but I know it would’ve sounded cooler had I heard this first. I enjoy the sound immensely but it has lost some punch in light of the live show. Sinclair leaves B5.

Calvin Harris – I Created Disco
There’s a slight twinge of geekdom that is screaming in agony as it is brought to the light…I downloaded this album solely due to a 20 second sound clip of a particular song that has been attached to a YTMND fad as of late. I listened to some snippets and thought it was worth a try. Overall, there are some enjoyable tracks (the one that hooked me, ‘Acceptable in the 80s’ tends to make me bob my head) but some are too repetitive and it’s painfully obvious that the album was headed by a producer. Glenn Campbell in True Grit.

Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours
Now this is more like it! This was the greatest surprise in a long time. I was randomly perusing iTunes and this showed up on the radar. I’ve listened to this a few times and it’s been just as good as the first time. It’s this hybrid between Royksopp and Snow Patrol. If the 80’s happened today, this is what it would be. Josh Lyman on the Mary Marsh Show!

Gnarls Barkley – The Odd Couple
This was another pleasant surprise. I had heard bits and pieces of the first album and was not impressed. Crazy was overplayed. However, this came recommended from someone so I gave it a shot. I’m very glad that I did. It has a wonderful rolling sound to it. Some tracks are light and fun and others are dark and brooding. It’s a great roller coaster ride of not-over-produced music with an amazing vocal performance. Sinclair leaves B5.

Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better
I had a few tracks of this forever mixed in with Franz’s previous record but never anything really organized. I’ve heard most of the tracks before and after a certain period of time it’s hard to listen to the songs as a cohesive unit after experiencing them piecemeal for so long. Still, this is enjoyable and Franz brings the same energy that they always bring. On first listen their music sounds very repetitive but if you listen closer you can hear the real thing. RC Cola on Tap.

The Crystal Method – Drive: Nike+ Original Run
I got sucked into this because I don’t know much of Crystal Method’s catalogue and this is marketed for the exact reason I wanted it. Still haven’t listened to the 45-min long mix track all the way through yet but it does do it’s job. I want to run/jog/drive fast when I hear it. RC Cola on Tap.

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