My List

Indi has a List. I do not have a List.

The ‘List’ is a group of celebrities that, if presented the opportunity, one would throw themselves at unmercifully. Growing up, I never really had the hots for any celebs. I think plenty of people are attractive, but I guess I’d never been -hit- by a bolt of lightning by anyone. When I learned that Indi had a list, at first I was surprised/apalled because I could not relate, but over time have grown to appreciate it and don’t take it as hard line as I first did.

All that to say, only RECENTLY have I opened myself up to the concept of a list, but still haven’t found anyone that I felt was truly suitable.

Until now.

Carah Faye Charnow of Shiny Toy Guns is teh hotness~ Only I don’t think I should call mine ‘The List’. That’s taken. Perhaps the book. She’s going in the book. Yeah, that’ll work.

One thought on “My List

  1. Jesse and Kim call their’s ‘The Island.’ I personally like ‘The List’ because it allows for limits. The boy and I have a 3 person limit on our lists. A book or an island implies any number of people could be added! But since you struggled so hard to find just one person, I think you’re ok.

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