Is that what it’s called? Biking sounds much better.

So I’ve been riding my scooter back and forth from work now since I got my license. I seem to be averaging 70-80 miles to the gallon depending on which roads I take. (above 45 mpg eats a bit more fuel.) It’s 14 miles to work so, at around 30 miles a day I’m filling up my tank two to three times a week. It holds a gallon. The Dodge was taking a gallon each way. By Grobthar’s Hammer, what a savings.

It’s also interesting to see that I’ve instantly been inducted into the overall biking community. Any time that I pass another person on a bike, they wave. I’ve noticed that some of them lose interest once they see I’m on a scooter and not a full-fledged motorcycle, but whatever. Ive also noticed that some cars pass me, even when I’m going over the speed limit, presumably because they don’t feel masculine enough to follow a scooter.

It’s such a blast to drive. The same roads feel completely different. There’s always a breeze. It’s a feeling of freedom that I cannot accurately explain. You just gotta feel it.

2 thoughts on “Scooting

  1. i once had a guy who was new to the motorcycle world ask me why everytime he passed a fellow biker they pointed at his tires?and; i know that feeling.josh

  2. I am one of those people who passes those on two wheeled vehicles no matter the speed. Since there’s only a surface area of two credit cards in contact with the ground, even a sand patch could take out a bike and I don’t want to be behind that bike to run the person over.

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