Point of No Return

Well, the first weekend is done, done, done, and what a success. We raised far more than we expected to, and had some awesome help in Rhys’ mom Lory, and Nikki. We were soooo busy, could not possibly have done it without those two, seriously. Stupid Estate Sale companies. Here are a few of their lies:

Lie: “We just won’t do it out here, you won’t get the traffic. You’ll get maybe 400 people over a 4-day sale. People don’t drive out to Broken Arrow – sales need to be mid-town.”
Truth: We got over 700 people the first DAY.

Lie: “You have nothing worth selling. You’ll be lucky to get $200 apiece for that TV and that couch. Only antique-y things sell for any value.”
Truth: Sold the couch for $850 and the TV for $700.

Anyway, we have one more weekend, and I’m jazzed – not just about the income, but about the stuff walking out the door. That’s one step closer to being able to rent our gorgeous home out, and thus not have to pay the mortgage ourselves. It’s also the point of no return for us – We can’t exactly back out now – we have nothing to live on! No mattress, no furniture, no utensils, etc etc etc. 🙂

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