1. anything resembling a whirlwind, as in violent action or destructive force.
2. any circling rush or violent onward course.
3. Monday, July 28th for Rhys and Indi Martin.

What a day! Indi goes to work this morning (which was a rush in and of itself) and I slept in. That was nice. I got up, got ready for work…and sat around for a few minutes. Nothing spectacular. Just before going to work, I decide to post our house rental info on Craig’s List. I post and scoot to work.

When I arrived at work (about 2:30) I see that I’ve missed three calls. Two unknowns and my brother. I call my bro first. Turns out he won a vacation and, since he isn’t 25, cannot take it. So he gave it to us! Indi and I get a three-day two-night vacation to either Vegas or Orlando. We get more details tomorrow. That’s AWESOME!

My other two calls, plus a third that goes to voicemail when I’m talking to Tyler, were in regards to my house rental. I contact them, give info, and two groups of folks come out to look at the house. Indi, thank goodness, is available for a brief tour. A family relocating from Nevada provided a deposit and is moving in on Sunday.

zomg. We still have tons of Estate Sale stuff there that needs disposal. And cleaning. And lawn work. All by the end of the week.

I’m feeling pretty darn blessed right now.

2 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. Oh, yeah. 😦 We decided not to go – it turns out it’s really only one day (The other two are both travel days) and it would end up being like 300 bucks. We would much rather travel around the world for a few years, and saving that money will help. 🙂

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