The Next Step

The estate sale is done.

The house is rented.

The credit cards are paid off.

Now we enter what I consider the most difficult phase of our journey. The saving.

There’s always something I want. We’re going to be living off of the good will of others and hoping that the dice are cast in our favor for the next several months. I gotta make sure I’m performing well at work (it’s not easy, landline sales are tough to get) so that I don’t go on the no-rehire list when I finally sever myself from the AT&T Globe.

I’m a bit of a loyalist. Either that, or an agent of boredom. I eat the same things. I work for the same company. I do the same things after work. If routine were a plant, it would be kudzu all over my life. I tell myself it’s because I like it. It’s probably a mixture of that, plus my difficulty in branching out and experiencing new things.

When I think of ‘new’ things I’ve consciously done to ‘expand my horizons’ I think of:

Getting to know my wife with the intention of dating her. Going dancing. Trying Chinese food. Buying/learning how to ride the scooter. Moving into the sales environment. Going back to college.

All of these things are mentally positive images. I know this trip will be too.

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