Yes, yes…we don’t update here a lot, I know.

But that will change, I promise you. We’re just in super-saving mode now and not a lot is going on. We do need to get more gear posted, will try to get on that ASAP.


Indi and I had a few conversations tonight that got the old gears turning. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is the shedding of the American Culture scene and getting to soak in the ways of others. I’ve been a cog in the Great American Machine my whole life, as has everyone else I know. I’d like to know how other machines tick.

We are a very violent country. Not speaking about direct acts of violence (of which we have plenty) but I’m talking more about a societal focus. The 10 days I spent in Italy my sophomore year opened my eyes somewhat. I did not see one violent thing on TV. I did, however, see a lot more sexuality and nudity. This was 1996, and as a sheltered kid I was a bit shocked. The Internet hadn’t been introduced to my little world (didn’t have a lot of presence then…) It was also widely accepted to ride scooters. And not just here and there occasionally, but everywhere. We’re still grappling with that here. High gas prices helped, but it’s still not a mainstream consideration of most folk.

Those are poor examples, but I realize that I have NO IDEA what to expect. What things do I take for granted every day? How many times will I think, “Man, I never thought of that.” I expect multiple times. Daily.

It’s also going to be refreshing to not be on a timetable. Not have anywhere to BE. I’m a slave to the grind now, much more so now that I’m in a retail environment. I won’t have to live by the rules anymore. What kind of person will I discover myself to be? I can’t wait to meet him.

One thought on “Culture

  1. If you were going to be here next semester, I would highly recommend an American Studies class on violence. I had the prof for a class on war this past semester and it really opened my eyes to the American mindset on war that I had never considered. I expect that the violence class would be similarly as eye opening.

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