What are Chestnuts and why do I need to Roast them?

The pecan balls and four (!) different kinds of fudge are made (darn you mother for making me in charge of dessert this year!! don’t you know I go overboard?). A few christmas gifts were bought – very few. I love buying gifts, but this year, as you know if you’re reading this blog, was pretty light. If you didn’t get any, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you, and you are in good company.

To all of you out there, if you are out there, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah?), Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Yule, Happy Chrismahanakwanzikah, or Good Tidings and Happy Nothing-At-All (for those who are anti-commercialism + atheist/agnostic = Combo Breaker!).

And Happy New Year. ’09. The year it’s really going to happen!

Oh, and because Rhys delights when I join him on the dark side, I’m going to include the following for your groans and/or amusement:

Oregano Christmas! Rosemary Hanukkah! Garlic Pepper Kwanzaa! Thyme and Sage Yule! Parsley Chrismahanakwanzikah! Curry Powder Tidings, and Salt n’ Pepper Nothing-At-All.

In other words, Seasoned Greetings from us to you.

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