Mood Swings

I’m sitting here tonight, not really into playing WoW, not really wanting to watch a movie, not really wanting to do much of anything.

It could be the Baconator I had for dinner.

I’ve grown increasingly upset about the food I eat. It has to change. I went to Pei Wei the other night with Indi and had mongolian beef and rice. That was good. Flavorful meat, but not a ton of it, and some nice steamed white rice. I left still feeling mostly mobile and able to function as a person. My normal diet (fried foods, stuffed to the gills) does not afford that luxury.

So, tonight, I make a pledge. No more junk. If I want meat, get something grilled and less than what I would normally order. Force myself to eat more veggies, as I may come to like them. Dig in deeper with my daily walks and shape my body into an ally instead of an enemy.

Also, it has been pointed out to me lately that my confidence isn’t what it used to be. I’ve let myself backslide into the unsure, withdrawn kid that I was back in high school. As with most things in life, inattention breeds dilapidation. We move on Friday and that will be a good ‘shake up’ to get things moving.

I’ve also started reading again. 1984. I think I’ll pick that back up now and disconnect for a bit.


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