Praise for Otterbox

When I got my iPhone, I invested in an Otterbox Defender case. My customers had been telling me it was the best in the biz, and reviews around the net generally said the same. It added a little bulk, but it was more stylish than I expected. Today it stood the test.

I haven’t ridden my motorcycle in a few weeks due to some clutch adjustments I needed to make. The weather was nice enough today so I went out and did some work. I figured I had it right so I hopped on and rode it around the block. It rode perfectly. I was so happy!

My happiness went away when I realized my phone was no longer in it’s holster. I panicked. This phone was a gift and I had already squandered it. I hopped on the scooter (easier to multi-task) and rode out. I drove around for a few minutes until I saw a black speck on the road ahead of me. My stomach developed a black hole. I knew that was my phone. In the middle. Of the road. It had to be toast. I was so ANGRY at myself. How could I be so stupid?

I rode up and picked it up. Miraculously, it had a small scratch on the shell where it had hit the road, but the screen is fine and the rest of the case looks brand new. Unless I point it out, I doubt anyone would notice. The phone works fine.

This case was definitely worth the $50.

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