Deconstructing the Pack

As I mentioned earlier, we packed out our backpacks with our new containing units. I figured I should take this opportunity to revisit the contents of the pack so you can get an idea of what I’m lugging around the world.

Left to Right, Row 1: Large/Medium/Small mesh bags for clothes (Pants/shirts/socks), Tent, Keene Sandals. Row 2: Wallaby II Toiletry Kit, travel towel, Jagbag (sleeping bag), Compass, Swiss Army Knife, Headlamp, collapsible water bottles, Sony Voice Recorder. Row 3: HP Mini Netbook.

Indi’s pack includes mostly similar items, only in place of the tent and netbook are our Orikaso collapsible dish set, her sketch pads, and a small bag of electronic cables for the Netbook/iPods/etc.

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