View from the Edge (Rhys Version)

Today was phenomenal. It started out earlier than expected (time zone still screwing with us) and we had a nice breakfast. Partway through breakfast, I noticed there was a MOUNTAIN outside. So cool! We got rounded up and headed to the Grand Canyon quickly. The drive was very nice and peaceful, partially through a national forest. Once we got to the canyon, though, my mind did a little reset.

Our good friend Rich Higgs told us that there was no preparing for seeing the canyon. He was absolutely right. My brain could not process the sheer depth of the chasm. It looked like a vintage picture (it actually is, when you think about it) with faded areas and some parts not quite in focus. But the more I looked, the more I was able to process. I was blown away. Awesome in the original sense of the word.

Now, the others relished it even more as they were able to sidle up to the edge and, in some cases, actually dangle legs over the edge. I have a terrible fear of heights. It’s hard to explain. The closer to the edge I get, the more likely I feel the ground will give way or I’ll suddenly lose my balance for no reason and that’ll be all she wrote. Seeing others get to the edge is no better, for I have this gut fear that they will be swallowed up by some inevitable collapse. So I looked away, did some solo walking. I did get sorta close in spots, but I had to fight the urge to scream. I can’t even think about it now without feeling a little ill. But it was magnificent.

Just before we were about to leave, I was sitting on a rock with the others when this squirrel comes up and hops into Nikki’s purse! He sniffed around for food but didn’t find any. He must’ve rummaged around for two minutes. During that time, he was pet by multiple people and a small crowd gathered around us. At some point, the squirrel got out, walked over to me, and bit me! On the hand! I didn’t touch him, feed him, nothing. He didn’t break skin, but Indi neosporin’d and bandaged me anyway. Meh.

We took a scenic road back to town and got some great mountain visuals. There’s still snow atop one of the peaks. After dinner, we got some chocolate stuffs at a local shop and are resting tonight.

Tomorrow, the road to Vegas and the hijinks that are sure to ensue.

One thought on “View from the Edge (Rhys Version)

  1. Oh, I got bit by a squirrel at the grand canyon too! Didn’t break skin, just a nibble… they’re so domesticated, almost.I’m reading backwards of your adventure so far, and I’m imagining you guys in PARADISE as I imagine NZ to be. I’m very thankful that you are documenting your travels, as I’ve done quite a bit myself, but it’s so wonderful to see it through other’s eyes, and in such a novel way, too! I do NOT have the courage to go without… lots of things… so I am so happy for you two on your journey!(Also, if you get time, I’d love to be emailed at when you update, if that’s something you have to do from your end of things, I forget lots of things if they’re not right in front of me)

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