I’m updating this blog while sitting on the beach in Mexico. But I’ll get to that.

Yesterday had a fantastic vibe; Brad, Doug, and I sat outside for hours and chat with some beers. We drove to Anaheim last night and saw The Faint in concert at the Grove. Ladytron opened for them. Try as I might, I didn’t like either act. I’ve seen The Faint in Tulsa before, and although all of the elements are there I just don’t mesh properly. But anyway, the girls had a great time dancing and Brad and I had some good conversation time.

Afterwards, we drove to North Hollywood to visit with Dave Mast and his wife Miriam. Dave is the lead in Echocast (one of Brad’s bands) and we met him briefly before. A great couple of people that opened their homes to us. Everyone else stayed up to play rock band, I slept. I guess I’m a downer. I was tired!

We got up at about 10 and had some breakfast burritos, which were spectacular. We had some more quality visiting time with D & M before heading back to Doug’s…for an impromptu drive down to La Mansion in Mexcio, where he has a house ON the beach. Which is where I am.

Which means I’m done typing for a bit. Pictures to follow!

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