It’s finally here.

At 1800 Pacific time tomorrow, we have to be on our freighter. We’ve had a great time on our road trip and time in California and are sad to see it come to a close.

Yesterday we had a fantastic time playing in the ocean and drinking around the fire. Today we went to Ensenada (nearby town in Mexico) and played board games. I spent the majority of the day recovering from a slight hangover (Tequila never again) and the ladies are almost entirely better from their respiratory illnesses, thanks to the Z-Packs we purchased here. Our trip to town was interesting, as we ran into many people wearing facemasks due to this swine flu issue that has cropped up. We’ve not known anyone that is sick, and doubt we will. We also got stopped at a military checkpoint to have the Suburban searched. Indi asked for a picture, but was denied. Good times all around, though. No hassles or issues at all.

The food has been great, the company better. We met this wonderful neighbor Kathleen (hello, our newest reader!) and were given the lay of the land by the most hospitable host. I got a lot of pictures and we all gained many new memories.

Tomorrow is going to be a rush back to America (hopefully no problems at the border) and gatherings of our last stuff before boarding. I hope to get one more post in before we get on the ship but, if not, we’ll see you all again in 15 days and will be writing from the other side of the Earth.

Much love to you all!

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