Rhys’ New Foods – April and May

**Revision: I had a really good idea sent to me (Thanks Randy!) and I’m editing this to include my thoughts on these foods, as many people think I’m kidding. I’ve been a really picky eater for a LONG time, this is all true.**

((I’m keeping a journal of the new foods I’ve eaten during our trip. Some are just variations that I felt warranted chronicling, but I hope to expand my culinary horizons significantly over the next two years. Here’s the first list!))

Wed Apr 22 – Fettucini Alfredo, Wild Rice [The Fettucini was really good, not near as thick as I thought it would be. Wild Rice was okay, I prefer just plain white steamed though.]
Thu Apr 23 – Guacamole [Made with a freshly picked GIANT avocado. I ate quite a bit for my standards, it was quite tasty.]
Fri Apr 24 – Mahi Mahi, Irish Coffee [The fish was AMAZING! Irish Coffee wasn’t bad, but a bit stronger than I liked.]
Sun Apr 26 – Espresso, Swedish Meatballs [Who knew Espresso was just highly concentrated coffee? I’m dumb. Not big on the Swedish Meatballs, surprisingly.]
Mon Apr 27 – Chorizo & Eggs [Authentically purchased in Mexico, and spicy without being overwhelming.]
Wed Apr 29 – Nasikoreang [Didn’t care for this at all, it is some crazy rice vegetable mix thing.]
Thu Apr 30 – Vegetable Soup, Brown Gravy [Only one sip of the Veggie soup, hated it. It reminded me of all the smells and flavors growing up that would trigger my gag reflex. Considering this was early into our boat voyage, my stomach was already feeble. The brown gravy was good, though, in light doses. No smothering for me, thanks.]
Fri May 01 – Fried Mackerel [a bit more fishy than I care for, but it was tolerable.]
Sat May 02 – Fricadelle, Green Peas, Pork Chop Suey [Fricadelle is some kinda meat dish, complete with tiny bone fragments. Green peas are teh suck. I don’t think the Pork Chop Suey was traditional, it was just meat veggies and some flavorful sauce.]
Mon May 04 – Boiled Ox-Tongue, Beef Curry [I enjoyed the Ox Tongue; Indi did not. You could see taste buds. Beef Curry was a bit spicy.]
Tue May 05 – Schnitzel, Lamb Stew [I enjoyed both quite well.]
Thu May 07 – Pork Neck, Bratwurst [Pork Neck was just pork, Bratwurst gave me wicked heartburn. No thank you.]
Fri May 08 – Sweet & Sour Pork [Why have I not had this? Good stuff!]
Mon May 11 – Honeydew, Potato Chips (Chicken Flavor) [The melon was alright, the chips were WEIRD! Who has chicken chips, seriously?]
Fri May 15 – Tarahiki [Best fish I’ve had in a long while. Fresh, too!]
Sun May 17 – Kumara, Sour Cream [Kumara is kinda of like a sweet potato, I didn’t care for those fries much at all. Too thick! Sour cream was good in moderation.]
Mon May 18 – Lolly Slice, Rocky Road (cake), Ramen, Mochachino [Lolly slice was abhorrent. It’s some malted candy slice of thing with marshmallow. Rocky Road cake is what you think, and was good. Ramen is my new favorite food. So easy! And the Mochacino was heaven.]
Tue May 19 – Onion Marmalade, L&P Soda (Lemon and Paeroa) [Onion Marmalade was TERRIBLE. cold and slimy! L&P is like an alternate sprite, but I don’t like the taste.]
Fri May 22 – Garlic Mayo, Ginger Beer [They serve you garlic mayo with everything, and I have a hearty dislike for it. Ginger beer is like ale, but much stronger ginger. Too strong for me.]
Wed May 27 – Steak & Cheese Pie, Curry Wonton, Hot Dog (batter-wrapped sausage) [The “Hot Dog” was supremely disappointing. I wanted an actual Hot Dog. Steak and Cheese Pie was awesome! They have all kinds of pot-pies here of all kinds, and are very common. The wonton wasn’t anything special, though. I’ll get a lot more of that in Asia.]
Fri May 29 – Crumpet (w/syrup) [Another new favorite food! Especially with peanut butter.]
Sat May 30 – Pumpkin & Cumin Soup [Tolerable, actually tasted more like potato soup than anything.]

2 thoughts on “Rhys’ New Foods – April and May

  1. Of COURSE you liked peanut butter on the crumpet, LOL! You'd like most anything with peanut butter. With you it's peanut butter – with your brother it was gravy.Love the addition of thoughts/feelings concerning the foods. Very very interesting.And he was telling the truth – VERY picky eater.

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