Ko Samui and the Return of the Scooter

Indi and I arrived on the island of Ko Samui yesterday by ferry…after an overnight bus trip from Bangkok. I tell you, those never get any easier. We arrived at a small port town at about 5 AM Monday morning and sat at a closed cafe for three hours before the local bus to the ferry arrived. Nothing runs on a schedule in S.E. Asia. Nevertheless, we made it onto the island by about 11:30.

We befriended a local guesthouse owner on the boat over (no doubt his purpose on the boat) and he gave us a lift from the docks. Indi was dropped off at her detox resort on the western shores (she’s there for a week) and I went to the laid back beach of Mae Nam on the northern part of the island. It’s about $12/day for a single room w/fan and cold shower. I still hate cold showers, but it overlooks the pool and it’s peaceful. Sold! I took a nap and generally laid about the rest of yesterday and met some German fellows in the little restaurant. They said they were going for a ride the next day and invited me. Since I’d planned on renting a motorbike anyway, I was happy to accept.

This morning I awoke at 8. I had breakfast (peanut butter and toast, YUM) and put up the listing for the house (thanks again all!) before we set out. For $7.30 I rented a 125cc scooter for the entire day. A pack of four scooters set out from the inn and searched for our own private beach.

I didn’t truly realize how much I missed riding. Although I don’t think I got over 40 mph it was exhilarating! We didn’t drive but maybe 15 km when we found a suitable beach but it felt like forever. Once we dismounted and did some rock hopping, we found ourselves alone on a stretch of beach. We spent a few hours there swimming, sunning, and relaxing. I spent time burning as well. I wonder when that will stop.

On the drive back, I was struck by the amount of choices that my bike opened up. Where did I want to eat? I could drive anywhere! I’d been living so long in terms of ‘walking distance’ that the sheer availability of restaurants, shops, and bars paralyzed me. Should I stop here? What about here? I can keep going and stop over there. I opted to return to the inn for a nice (cold, ugh) shower.

After dinner, my new friends and I plan on sitting in the pool and having some beers. A great cap for a great day.

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