Ohayou Gozaimasu from Osaka

That means good morning ^-^

Yesterday we arrived at Kansai Int’l Airport at WAY too early in the morning from our red-eye flight. When we stepped out of the airport (which floats, by the way) we were instantly in an entirely different world. For one, it was about 60F, which felt GREAT. For another, everything was clean, crisp, and looked brand-new. We boarded the train and headed into Osaka proper.

I was struck by how quiet everything is. The trains run SILENTLY. The crowd of morning commuters crushed in around us and were quiet. It was a little unnerving how so many people could be so quiet. Indi’s Japanese has already proven invaluable as we’ve asked a few locals for directions, and they’ve been eager to oblige. We found our guesthouse without too much trouble and settled in for a long nap.

The evening was spent by walking around our local area, doing a little grocery shopping, and dinner. The grocery store was quite nice, with a near-western amount of selection and some CRAZY items. Since our guesthouse has a full kitchen at our disposal, we’re looking forward to saving money by self catering when we can. I had some more new foods for dinner and generally just gawked at our new surroundings. This place is seriously an OCD person’s dream: everything is clean, organized, and where it is designed to be. Even vacant lots are well tended.

This morning we took a nice walk to 7-11 (one of the only locations in town that has an international ATM) and enjoyed a quiet Japanese morning. I’m not sure where Osaka hides everyone, but it’s been mostly quiet when we’ve ventured out in our immediate area. I’m also considering buying a used bike or something similar, as many others have done the same and it seems to be THE way to get around here. They are whisper-quiet too.

Indi has been very joyful the entire time. It’s been a homecoming for her and we’re excited to take a few day trips to her old stomping grounds outside of town.

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