Food Moods

I am continually amazed at how my mood changes depending on the food I am eating or have just eaten.

Tonight, Indi fixed tacos.  I love tacos.  Granted, my version of ‘tacos’ is little more than a tortilla, beef, and cheese, but whatever.  The point is I eat a lot of it.  And now I feel miserable.  The food was good, don’t get me wrong; Indi is a fantastic cook.  She has helped me appreciate foods I wouldn’t come within a 10 yard radius otherwise.  No, my problem is when I like a food, I eat too much of it.

I’m sitting on the couch, a heavy stone in my gut and a slight feeling of nausea playing at my throat.  I only had two.  But after ten months on the road, eating smaller portions of much healthier food…I can’t do this anymore.  I recall the Before Times when after every meal I felt lethargic and mentally dull.  Food comas were a way of life.  I just spent the last half hour going through old pictures on friends’ MySpace pages and seeing what that had done to my body.  And I was happy.  I do not EVER want to be happy like that again.

As the time fast approaches when life tries to return to “normal” I must not let myself fall into this chasm of calories.  Do I want to be ridiculous about it, entering my culinary choices into a mathematical equation @ lunchtime?  No.  But I do need to be more careful about what I eat, and the amounts I eat.  The profound feeling of regret I hold now is enough to remind me that life is about more than a tasty meal.

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