One Week In

So, it’s been a week since we rolled into Tulsa and back into the land I know.  What’s been going on with us?  A lot of visiting of friends and family, coupled with many occasions of too much food.  And some shopping.

Indi’s Dad and stepmom have been wonderful hosts and have helped facilitate our slow re-integration into the life we once knew.  I already mentioned the grapple I received from my mother in my previous post, and since then it’s been go-go-go.  The most overwhelming thing about being home continues to be the food.  I am still not used to the portions, nor do I want to be.  Any time Indi and I have split up for the day and ended up eating out somewhere I am sad that I have no one to split a meal with…and I typically end up eating more than I should.  This must stop.  I don’t want to undo all of my hard work!

Yesterday we both got in the car and drove the sixty miles to Pawhuska, OK.  We had a nice visit with my ailing grandmother and my father, both of whom seemed to be in great spirits and were very happy to see me.  Grandma Gail has leukemia and, to be honest, I was greatly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to visit her when we returned home.  I am supremely thankful for the additional time I get with her and plan on making regular visits.  After all, she doesn’t have a computer and I gotta show her my 8,000 pictures too!  Plus I would very much like to do a better job at photographing the deflating rural town.  The entire Highway 11 journey from Skiatook to Pawhuska holds so many memories for me.

I have also noticed that I look at things a little differently.  There is SO MUCH open space in Oklahoma, so much so that it’s nearly suffocating.  I’m used to compact environments and walkable towns.  I wish I didn’t have to drive everywhere.  It’s also very easy to fall back into the same old ruts I was in when I left.  Hungry?  Get some fast food.  Walking?  Meh, maybe later.  Want to go out?  No, I’ll just stay in this evening.  It’s going to take a bit of effort to apply my new outlook to my old confines.

Today is a big day; we move back into our home.  We moved out in July of 2008 and I don’t even remember what it feels like to live there.  I’ll be sure to let everyone know how that goes…

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