Emotional Ramblings

I’ve been going to counseling regularly since January.  As I got closer to the second anniversary of Dad’s death, I didn’t feel as advanced in my grief as I felt I should be.  In addition to that, I had noticed a disturbing trend of getting close to women in dating situations, then backing away like they were on fire.  I had an emotional wall that would go up like a blast door on a space ship.  Sometimes it went up brick-by-brick, other times it appeared suddenly and fully.  I know it was frustrating for the people it affected; it was frustrating for me, to be sure.

Today I went to my appointment and felt pretty good about it.  I talked about my experiences at Dragon*Con with my friends, which were universally good.  I talked about a dinner I had with my ex-wife several weeks ago, which was a goodbye of sorts as she was moving out of state.  It was a non-event emotionally, which is progress.  I helped Mom through her back surgery, which she is recovering nicely from.  I talked about my brother’s divorce, now final, and his subsequent adjustment to divorced life…which he is handling completely different than I have.  I talked about work; our software conversion is finally starting to calm down and life is getting less stressful there.  I talked about how I felt stable emotionally through all of this.

I talked about how Brewburger closed last week and how that was one of the last places Dad and I ate together and that the closing was a sad event for me.  Not crying upset, but still sad.  I talked about the march of time and how both of the last restaurants Dad and I went to were now gone and I had less and less to remember him by.  I have many things, sure, but every loss is felt because there’s no replacing it with anything else.  She suggested I find a new ritual for him; something I did have control over.  That’s a good idea…I’m going to have to think about what that is going to be.

I also talked about my relationship issues.  Although I have greater stability, I’m not sure how much of that is true and how much is just keeping busy.  I spent the last two days pretty much non-stop watching Breaking Bad with a friend; now that the house is empty I’m not sure how I feel about it.  My friends that went to the Con with me talk about Post-Con Depression, as do many other attendees on Facebook and other social outlets.  I haven’t suffered that in the past; I am sorry that Dragon*Con has to end, sure, but I’m also happy to return to regular life.

I have the rest of this week off and will be taking another trip this weekend, this time to Guthrie to camp and see a few concerts.  I’m eager to see these bands and spend some time with a friend I haven’t been able to hang with in a while.  Fun?  Yes.  Helpful to my emotional well-being?  Yes…but is it just temporary?  Will my return home be met with me looking for some other event to fill the space?  I wonder about sustainability.  I worry about the shadows returning to my mind.  The doubt, the self-loathing.  The incessant over-analysis of everything in my life.  It’s been quiet for a while, but I can never believe it’s gone.  It’s just part of who I am.  But…I can’t shake the feeling that I’m hiding from something.

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