“What do you like to do in your spare time?”

It’s a simple question.  When you are getting to know someone, it’s one that inevitably comes up.  I was asked this question recently and found myself stumped.  My go-to answers I’d used most of my life didn’t apply like they once did.  I don’t read as much as I used to.  Video games don’t take up hardly any of my time these days, save for the few releases that really garner my attention.  I don’t even feel like I go to the movies often.  So, what is it that I actually DO?

Well, when I step back and look, I’d have to say the thing I’m most passionate about is photography.  I like to take pictures, and that’s something I do.  But it’s hard to really quantify that into an activity.  I’m not a part of any groups, or have any kind of tangible pattern to it; it just happens when it happens.  Sometimes I end up with a few photos I really like, other times the pictures are simply a catalog of my time.  After that, it’s travel.  I love to experience new places.  Since I have an affinity for history, going to a place with some kind of significance is a bonus.  Although, when you sit and think about it, every place has a history…you may just have to dig a little more for it.  That can be fun, too.  Combining travel with my camera is even better.

So, when I’m not wandering somewhere with my camera (either local or afar)…what is it that I do?  I have my friends, for whom I am so very thankful.  I hang out with them and take part in whatever is going on with them.  But that, too, is difficult to quantify.  Sometimes it’s a meal; other times it’s hanging out at the park or watching a television show on Netflix.  It’s rare that I have something going on independently.  So the question becomes muddy and my answer is vague.  I feel like I spend most of my free time sitting at my computer.  That’s not an answer I want to give to anyone.  So, what do I WANT to be doing instead?

I don’t rightly know.  I feel like being part of a community would be good for me, but I haven’t found an option that sounds appealing.  I have zero interest in church or religion.  Exercise has never been a focus in my life.  I don’t know much about being handy, so working on the house, car, or garden doesn’t sound appealing.  I don’t have any creative talent for crafts.  I don’t know what I want to invest my time in.

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