The Little Things

I’ve written a lot about the big things I’ve seen and done while in New York.  Since I ended up with an extra day here (thanks to a canceled flight out of White Plains) I had the opportunity to reflect on the smaller things I didn’t write about that I loved on my visit here.  Here are a few of them:

  • Avery Jane saying, “Again!” any time Sam spun her around or Gram put whipped cream on her finger.
  • The way Uncle John says the dog’s name.  It’s Zorro, but he says, ‘Zarro!’ with a particular growl in his voice.
  • Uncle John’s deafness and how everyone gives him crap for it.
  • Everyone accusing Gram of cheating at dominoes and her steadfast denial of it…until she actually admitted it after a few glasses of wine.
  • The controlled chaos of the kitchen as Sam, Cindy, and Gram baked goods and fixed dinners.
  • The sound of the train from the top floor of the house.
  • The way the light of the Christmas Tree reflected from the living room.
  • The crisp, clear taste of the tap water thanks to it being furnished by an actual spring.
  • The constant supply of sweets (be it pie, cake, or cookies) and Uncle John’s constant ravaging of them if left unattended.
  • The way the verbal crosswalk indicators in NYC say street names with New York accents. (BRAWD-WAYE)
  • Any time someone said, “What’sa matta witchu?”
  • Looking up at night and seeing a wealth of stars in the sky.
  • The bickering that comes with a household full of love.
  • Christmas cookies
  • The term ‘rib sticking’ for feel-good food.
  • Any time Sam’s father mentioned someone making a bad choice, he followed it with “That worked out well for him.”
  • The thrill of sledding after a day has gone by and the track has frozen over
  • The way the entire family knows the music to ‘The Quiet Man’ and hums it like my family once did.
  • The way Avery says, “Ove’ hea” and “Get outta hea!”
  • The sheer amount of languages I overhear when walking a block in NYC.
I definitely don’t mind spending another night here.  The entire family has shown me nothing but love and generosity.  I do miss my home, though.  Hopefully, my flights tomorrow go well and I get home without any further delay.

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