Classics Never Die

December and January were super busy months for me.  Work was hectic, I had two shows for my photography, and the normal holiday bustle.  I saw an old friend this evening I hadn’t seen in a while and it turns out she had a belated Christmas gift for me.  Normally, I don’t make a big deal about gifts I’ve received and such, but this one is super cool:  a Polaroid 250 Land Camera!

Polaroid Polaroid-3Polaroid-2

They were manufactured from 1967-1969 and this one looks like it’s in great shape!  I can’t wait to get film for it (which is surprisingly available on Amazon) and find one of the weird 4.5 volt batteries it requires.  I haven’t used any kind of traditional film camera since I got into photography so this will be an adventure and a half.  I’ll be sure to share some shots once I make this happen!

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