Photo Contest in Kingman, AZ

Good Morning, everyone!

I wanted to drop a quick note to let my followers know that I’m currently being featured in a Photo Contest with the Ramada Hotel in Kingman, Arizona.  Winners of the contest will have their photography featured in their rooms and around the property as a part of ongoing renovations to take advantage of their position on Route 66.  I’d sure appreciate it if you take a few moments to hop over to their webpage and vote for my photos; I have three featured and they are all currently in the Top 10!

No registration is required and it’s super quick – all you have to do is click on each picture (‘Rhys Martin’ is listed beneath my photos) and then the vote button on the next page.  I am really excited about the prospect of having my work featured in one of the most well-known Route 66 towns in the west!

I should have a new post up soon chronicling my trip from Amarillo Texas back home to Tulsa in the coming days — stay tuned for that.  Thanks again!

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