Comanche Territory & Frontier Towns

When I have a road trip planned, it's easier to wake up early.  Granted, I don't usually leave at 5:00 AM, but on Sunday that is what I did.  I was attending a quarterly Oklahoma Route 66 Association meeting in Weatherford that afternoon and wanted to spend the morning exploring southwestern Oklahoma.  Since that was … Continue reading Comanche Territory & Frontier Towns

On the Road with Michael – The Best Land Under Heaven

(other installments of this series here) Tuesday, the final full day of my journey with Michael Wallis.  We got off to an early start since we had a drive to Illinois first thing.  Before we even left St Louis, though, Michael had a live interview with the Sam Madonia morning radio show in Springfield.  The … Continue reading On the Road with Michael – The Best Land Under Heaven

Through the Prairie State (Saturday, Part II)

I never feel like I have enough time when I'm visiting somewhere, even if I've been there dozens of times.  I definitely felt that way in Chicago, especially considering it was Samantha's first time.  Alas, the drive home would take a lot of time and I didn't fancy driving all 11 hours straight home in a … Continue reading Through the Prairie State (Saturday, Part II)