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The March of Time

It’s been a little over seven years since I received that terrible phone call, the one that signaled a new age of my life. It’s a little surreal to look back at my world at the time of my father’s … Continue reading

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The Mercantile

Last week, in addition to my meandering drive through eastern and central Oklahoma, I made a little jaunt into Osage County.  If you’ve followed my travels for a while, you know how much I love it up there.  Both sides … Continue reading

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A Day in the Osage

Thursday was my 35th birthday.  Over the last few years, I’ve developed a tradition of taking a road trip on my birthday.  Last year I drove up Route 66 to see Afton Station for the first time. The year before that … Continue reading

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Pressing Luck

In the middle of February, a fire gutted a couple of buildings in downtown Barnsdall, Oklahoma.  Oddly enough, this was not a surprise; I feel like a good chunk of my memories tied to that town are related to burning.  I remember … Continue reading

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500 Miles

Even though I just got home from my travels in New York (and the fact that trip was extended three days due to flight delays) I had an itch to do some more traveling.  Combine that itch with the fact … Continue reading

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