Indi says I should keep a dream journal. Not too fond of writing, so I thought I’d post instead.

Backstory: I had to fire my first employee today. It didn’t go well, as this representatve (we’ll call her Prudence) had lulled herself into a false sense of security even though she wasn’t meeting the goals that we’d been working on since November. My boss and I met with her and told her that’s that, she starts to get upset and we walk her out into the front lobby. That’s the short version, there’s some arguing in there and such. I felt like I had failed as a manager because I was not able to turn her around and was in a bit of a crummy mood, although I didn’t let anyone see it.

So in my dream tonight, it’s right after all this happens. I’m sitting at a table in some second-floor lobby that doesn’t really exist and notice this person is back in the building. I send a quick SMS to my boss as I’m helping a representative with a technical issue. Prudence sees my boss coming and hides…but he is smart. He gets to a certain point and hides as well. She sees that he has disappeared and continue to walk down the hall. My boss emerges and confronts her, as she cannot be on the premises. She breaks down and starts bawling, saying something about watching a movie in the break room. I stay out of it and continue to help the rep at the table I’m sitting at. Prudence is re-escorted back out. My boss comes back upstairs and comments on how ridiculous it is that security didn’t shut off her badge, etc. Then I woke up.

Dunno what it means…if anything.

And now it’s six AM, when I went to bed at around 2:00. I’d rather not sleep. Plus, I gotta buy Indi some Mars Volta tickets at 10:00 AM…they’re coming to the Cain’s and she’s a huge fan.

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