More dreams

Man, I don’t want to make this a habit but I figure if my dreams are particularly linear
(which is rare) or make an impression I’ll post it

The first dream is fuzzy as I woke up earlier and slept again after. The first part of the dream was strange, it was very exaggerated and tongue-in-cheek….the universe of the dream was like that of a Will Farrell comedy. I don’t know how to better explain it. However, I was driving real fast down a city street but I don’t remember if it was a race with someone or if I was chasing someone. In either case, something went wrong. I lost control of the car and crashed into a building…and then there was an explosion. Fast forward two weeks and I’m walking towards my house…but it’s a huge mansion in a busy part of the city. When I had wrecked the car, I had crashed into a business and actually gone not only through the glass front but the back wall as well and was ejected through the windshield. When the car exploded, I was not killed. But the news had reported I was dead. I had temporary amnesia from the shock and it took two weeks for me to come to my senses. I reach the front of the house and Indi is out there. She furrows her brow, gets up from her porch chair, and comes over. There’s a caution in her voice as she tells me everyone thought I was dead. I am overjoyed to see her but this emotion is not returned. Indi says she moved on and is with someone else. I can get my things when she goes on a business trip in a few weeks, but she needs to get back. I stand there, crushed…and wake up.

I finally get back to sleep and dream that my brother and I find an old camcorder tape while we’re at my grandma’s house. We watch it and it’s unfamiliar footage from a vacation (that never REALLY happened). Tyler and I are messing around in this house and Dad gets all upset and angry cause we’re misbehaving. Tyler asks me to stop it as it’s a little too intense for him. At this time my grandfather walks in…you know, the one that passed away in December. He is having a hard time walking, his hair is longer, and his hands are dirty…as if he had dug himself out. He stumbled over to his easy chair and sat down. Tyler looked at me and said, “You know, that doesn’t weird me out as much as I thought it would.” Then I woke up.

Man. I spent several hours at Night Trips last night (Happy Birthday Phylicia!) so you’d think I would have sexy dreams. No such luck.

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