So I went through my normal routine on my lunch hour; grab some food nearby and browse the web for an hour. On Engadget, I randomly came across an article about backpacks for travel:

It’s fun when things like that happen. Also, as I sat here, I thought about my daily routines and how they would be changing very soon. I don’t want to keep a lot of things from the house, as the point is to sever myself from my known way of life. Lots to think about there.

I have also been ruminating about what I typed on the welcome page. The New American Dream. The old one is fast turning into a nightmare. High prices, astronomical (for us) gasoline costs, etc. Getting a house in the suburbs, having two cars, all of that is starting to sour. I consider myself successful in daily life but what do I have to show for it? A 15 mile commute, bills to eternity, and a dwindling interest in continuing the same routine over and over.

I do not want to be one of those, “I shoulda..” folks when I get older. I want to live and experience the world. I have plenty of time to pay bills later.

One thought on “Packs

  1. R & I,Yer “kinda cuz” Justin here. First off, way to go on the decision. I wish you the best of luck. Second of all, if you have a little time and a sewing bug, I’d really recommend ultralight backpacking, as popularized by Ray Jardine (inventor of the “Ray Way”). His fully loaded less-than-paper-thin backpacks typically weigh less than empty frame packs, and are durable enough to have made it to some of the tallest peaks on the planet. For more info, visit Again, I wish you the best of luck. -JTM

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