Telling Family

Well, all immediate family has been informed, plus my Nana and Papa – most of whom took the news better than expected. Honestly, most of the feedback we’ve received so far from family and friends has been very much along the lines of:

“Man, I wish I could/would/did do that.”

“You only live once. Do it before you have kids while you’re still young enough to get the most out of it!” (This one bothers me – anyone of any age could do it if they wanted to! It just depends on what they’re willing to give up to achieve it, if it really is their dream)

“I wouldn’t do that, but it will be an adventure.” (That’s cool too – Rhys wrote the “New American Dream,” but I don’t know that it’s accurate. It’s our dream, sure – but it isn’t for a lot of people, and that’s okay too.)

And we’ve gotten a few “Are you crazy?” responses as well, though less than expected. I guess the overall answer to that would be “Yes” anyway, so it’s all good.

We’ve got a realtor lined up who will list for us in July, and we’ll be going through Estate Sales of Tulsa to run our estate sale, also in July.

It feels a bit like shedding your skin – I know how a snake must feel.

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