Back to Life…back to Realty

We met with a realtor today. Signed all of the paperwork and all that jazz to get the house on the market. We also got some cheap plants and such for the cobblestone area @ the front of the house and are borrowing Lori & Danny’s bench to make it look all nice.

So our house is on the market. We’ll be contacting the estate sale folks in the next few days to get those gears in motion and will be spending the next couple of evenings going through all of our possessions and sorting out that which we need to put back somewhere…and what we’ll be parting with.

Atticus is going to Indi’s brother’s place tomorrow. It’s going to be REAL hard to part with him. He’s been the best cat ever. Very loving, and so totally un-like the typical siamese. He has been my friend through many long nights.

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