The New American Dream

On the welcome page to our site, I call our journey the ‘New American Dream’. Indi mentioned that she didn’t quite agree with that, and I realize I have not really explained myself. So here is what I think:

The old ‘American Dream’ is exactly what we’ve been doing. We own a home, have respectable jobs, live in the suburbs, live relatively comfortably. Nice car, we eat out a lot, etc. It’s been nice, but lately it’s felt like an old loaf of bread, sitting on the counter. It looks fine, but you just KNOW when you pick it up or examine it closely, you’re going to see a lot of mold.

We are in debt. Indi is fantastic at budgeting, but we keep finding things we “need”. Food/Gas prices are rising steadily, denting our savings plans. Our mortgage isn’t necessarily choking us, but it’s no small thing either. The lifestyle we lead isn’t doing us any favors in the health department. It’s just not working.

The fundamental problem with the trend of America for the last some-odd years is a lack of understanding. By better understanding our fellow man and the universal nature of it all, I think we are able to make better decisions and live richer, more fulfilling lives. The process of learning can bring light into the darkest of corners.

So I think this: pursuing this new dream is much more likely to bring happiness and give purpose to an otherwise endless daily grind.

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