Gear List (Updated!) and Feelers

Woo vacation!! Amazing how wonderful a few days of vacation can feel – I can’t imagine what quitting our jobs to travel will feel like.

Probably scary as hell! But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m excited to be afraid. Not much fear in suburban Oklahoma, other than the ubiquitous “How will I eat?”, “How will I pay my mortgage?” variety.

Anyway, on to the GEAR! In trying to determine what exactly we’re going to need, and perhaps more importantly what we DON’T need, I’ve been a bit of a fish out of water. There’s this HUGE industry built up around backpacking equipment and huge is an understatement. There are truly endless varieties of every piece of gear, many of which I’ve never heard of. For the most part, if I’ve never heard of it and I can’t easily figure out how it would be useful, I’m ignoring its existence until advised otherwise. 🙂 Nonetheless, thinking of what people use every day in my normal world is a bit pointless; I don’t hike 10-20km daily, and I have closet space.

Following is a list of gear (and some links to the item itself or reviews of the item) that I’m pretty sure we do need. I’m intent on us dropping some serious coin if necessary on shoes and backpacks – two items that will have to be serious quality. The other gear – well, we are on a budget, and I’m not so set on having top of the line equipment. Especially since there’s a good likelihood we’ll get out in the world and look at half of our stuff, asking “Why did we bring this again?”

Neoprene Lappy Sleeve
2 1L Platypus Bottles
Teva Wraptor eVents (x2)
Backpacks (nice) (x2) 50L or less – (We’re going to check out local Outdoors stores to get a good feel for fit and comfort before buying)
Jagbags (x2) Endura silk
Amphibian Compass
Orikaso set for 2 – Check these out, these look amazing.
Blister Kits
Telescoping walking poles
Swiss army knife or other multitool

I’m sure this isn’t a comprehensive list (it doesn’t include clothing, for example) – but it’s what I’ve put together so far.

Also on the good news front – I have talked about wanting to write string articles for some magazines, e-zines or newspapers if I am lucky enough to a. be good at doing so, and b. find editors interested in what I’m writing. I’ve sent some feelers out to find out how to submit articles to their publication, and I’ve already gotten two positive responses back. The Broken Arrow Ledger advised me how I could send them in (of course all articles are subject to editorial approval and review), and the editor who replied stated she was very interested as she has considered freighter travel as well! Wonderful!

I also received a slew of helpful and supportive replies from Craig, the webmaster of Indie Travel Podcasts – if you haven’t checked this site out, you absolutely should. It caters specifically to those interested in independent travel, with reviews of gear, articles from travellers (hopefully including Rhys’ and my own eventually, subject, of course, to editorial approval and review!), and more in written and podcast formats. Not only did I receive instructions on how to submit to the site, Craig may also give our site a shoutout on the next podcast! WOO!

‘Til next time!

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