By Kent Nerburn – "To My Friends" – Inspiring Words

To my friends:

We need to travel.

If we don’t offer ourselves to the unknown, our senses dull.
Our world becomes small and we lose our sense of wonder.
Our eyes don’t lift to the horizon; our ears don’t hear the sound around us.

The edge is off our experience and we pass our days in a routine that is both comfortable and limiting.
We wake up one day and find we have lost our dreams in order to protect our days.
Don’t let yourself become one of these people.
The fear of the unknown and the lure of the comfortable will conspire to keep you from taking the chances the traveller has to take
But if you take them, you will never regret your choice.

To be sure, there will be moments of doubt when you stand alone on an empty road in an icy rain, or when you are ill with fever in a rented bed.
But as the pains of the moment will come, so too they fall away.

In the end, you will be so much richer, so much stronger, so much clearer, so much happier and so much better a person that all risk and hardship will seen like nothing compared to the knowledge you have gained.

By Kent Nerburn

I thought this was nice, and although I don’t know that I agree that it’s for everyone, it speaks to me. 🙂

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