Day After Thanksgiving

Ah, yes. Black Friday. Retail Environment. Hilarity does not ensue.

I read today that a Wal-Mart worker in NY got trampled to death in the open door rush. That is beyond ludicrous. What is wrong with people?

We haven’t seen anything THAT drastic by a long shot. We opened an hour early today and had two customers in that first hour. Whee. It has picked up a little bit since noon, though. I’ve had a really good day with activations and upgrades, not so much on features and accessories. People just aren’t going for the extras this year. Let’s give another cheer to the economy!

Our boss was nice enough to supply foods for us. I had me some KFC and am pleased. I’ve also been testing out an iPhone again, really wishing I owned one. Free Pac-Man? C’mon, there’s nothing that says value like that!

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