The more we think about it, the more Indi and I think that taking the laptop whole may be more trouble than it’s worth. It’s been suggested that we get a good, hearty flash drive (they make ’em up to 64 gig right now o_O) put some basic stuffs like a web browser on it, and use that as our data/picture storage on the road.

It’s worth considering. Much lighter, less of a beacon for “hey, look, we have a computer, rob us!” But we won’t be able to update the website. The blog, sure, but not the site itself. There’s a pictures section that would be untended to; we’d just be uploading pictures to the blog.


3 thoughts on “Laptop

  1. I think skipping the laptop is the smart choice just on the weight issue alone. Though it will make it harder to update your website/blog frequently.Depending on where you end up when you find a place to use the internet do it then and just batch your updates. Just make sure to make time to jot down some notes each day or two so that when you get to those times where you can update you aren’t left wondering what the hell you did and thought about the last 2 weeks.2 weeks on the road warps time, you see and experience so much compared to living at home. Personally I think updating the rest of us will kind of be an afterthought to what you guys will be seeing and doing. It will most likely be something you think about during long train/boat/car rides and then forgotten again until right before going to sleep.One option is a high quality internet ready cellphone with a great camera. That way you can just carry one item that lets you snap pictures etc and post them when you can. Plus doesn’t weight much and is a bit of a life line in case things get hairy.

  2. I concur with REOIV, a international smartphone would be the best go and makes you much less of a ‘mug us’ target. Bonus, also pointed out – much lighter in the backpacks.

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