Favorite Band

I have a hard time nailing down favorites. Music, Movies, Foods…I love so much that it’s hard for me to really sit and say, “Hey, I like that better than the rest.”

However, upon some additional reflection today, I have to say that I have a favorite band. And that band is Mute Math. Their mix of electronic and rock influences, as well as a dose of uplifting Christian influence, rocks my socks off every time.

I first saw them live @ Oneighty, the youth group for Church on the Move. I didn’t expect much, as I’d never heard of them, but a good friend of mine @ work (shout out to the Wofford) highly recommended them. So I went. I was moved to tears.

This was back when the only source for their music was at live performances. The Reset EP CD was mine as soon as the show was over. When I learned a full length CD was coming, I was stoked. I was even MORE excited when I purchased my tickets for their first Cain’s Ballroom gig.

I rarely go nuts at concerts. I’m much more of a stand-there-and-nod kind of music listener. I out-and-out DANCE to this stuff. Their music is so complicated, yet so beautiful and seamless. Their drummer is off the CHAIN ridiculous, the only performer I’ve seen rival Brad’s level of energy on the stage. Their lead singer is also very energetic, riffing on a Keytar and jumping on top of his old school organ during part of the show.

It’s encouraging to see them slowly move into the mainstream. They have songs that are played fairly regularly on the Edge now and had a song featured on the Twilight soundtrack.

If you’ve not heard their stuff, please do yourself a favor and do so. They are on iTunes.

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