Fitness Regimen


So, Rich is right when he says that we need to get in the best shape we can between now and when we throw ourselves upon the earth’s mercy. I know this, Rhys knows this, you know this. I’ve been a member of a gym for a while, and I have even been making passing attempts at going – but the gym is booooo-ring to me, even with my own workouts and music. So, I figured I needed something more. But what? I can’t afford a personal trainer, even at my gym’s low cost. Obviously though, I need something like that, something where there is accountability to another person(s) if I choose not to do my exer-duty that day.

As happy happenstance would have it (heh), my mom wanted to get back into karate, as she shares my longing for the days when we were kickboxing, doing karate, doing jiu jitsu, and in fantabulous shape (i.e. not round) – the merry-old-days of a decade ago. She found this neat place (it’s a bit of a drive) in south Tulsa headed up by someone who used to go to the same studio we did (Apollo’s). There are six classes a week that are ladies only and more pointed at fitness, but still very heavily kickboxing and with an actual sensei. Yes!! It’s $60 for 6 weeks – boo. Mom said she would go ahead and buy it for me as an early stocking stuffer! YES!! As long as I promised to go with her many times per week – boo…wait, YES, that is exactly what I need.

So, I’ve been to two classes so far (Thurs at 8pm and this morning at 9am – the fact that I made it out of bed and out to sweat shocked even me). I do not ever remember sweating this hard – even with Marisa (my old personal trainer). This is great!

Hopefully with four months of this (plus some weight training at the gym), I will be in good enough shape to avoid dying on a hillside somewhere. Death avoidance is one skill at which I would like to become very adept.

3 thoughts on “Fitness Regimen

  1. It’s at 81st and Sheridan, it’s called “Trinity.” The instructor is Lance, and he’s REALLY nice. You’ll sweat…a lot. I’d love to have another workout buddy!

  2. Hi Guys,I just happened by and became an official follower. I was born to follow. Thank you, by the way, for your kind words a few posts back. (blush) Indi, I am sooooo proud of you for quitting smoking, and your dedicated gym work. It says everything about your commitment. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both!–Rich

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