Packed Out

We made some final clothing purchases in the last two days; we’re almost done!

Amazingly, Indi found some shirts at Wal-Mart that are similar in quality to the one I got at Backwoods. The back is vented and everything. Price different: Backwoods is $55 and Wal-Mart was $11. I hates them, but man, sometimes they give us no choice.

I bought my hat today. Got a nice crushable hat from Drysdales that’s water resistant and everything. Getting so excited, I want to leave yesterday! However, one thing I’m not happy about is the fact that as winter is leaving Green Country, it’s arriving in NZ. We’re still trying to sort out what kind of outerwear we’re going to need to bring.

So with that, here’s what we have left to do:

1. Sort out some kind of light, rainproof jacket. We can layer for warmth.
2. We each want to bring a towel. Don’t leave home without it.
3. Money Belt. Indi has a neck pouch, and we have a little money belt somewhere, but I’m not sure that’s sufficient.
4. Protective camera case. Gotta protect my baby.
5. Sort out financials. Make sure the proper folks have access should they need it. Also, make sure our renters know what to do.

We’re planning our road trip to California currently. We want to go by Dallas to see Indi’s uncle, I want to go to Austin to see a movie @ the Alamo Drafthouse, Nikki and Indi want to go to Vegas, and we’d all like to see the Magna Carta @ the Reagan Library. Oh, and the Grand Canyon. Definitely.

With all that, we plan on leaving Tulsa on April 15th.

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