Clip-Based TV

So I’m sitting here at Lorrie and Danny’s, waiting until I’m tired enough to sleep, and the TV is on. Danny doesn’t feel right if the TV isn’t on, it seems. I know a lot of people that feel the same way. It’s like a companion.

One of the things that Danny enjoys ‘watching’ (existing nearby?) is anything on the TruTV channel. I’m pretty sure I’ve commented on it before, but it’s all reality programming like police chases and COPS. It has struck me on how much television has changed since the days I watched regularly.

So much is ‘instant gratification’ TV with bite-size clips of destruction, damage, and so-called amazing footage. Even shows like Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel is designed around smaller segments.

Is the rest of the world this way? Is television generally moving into a more piecemeal format? Or am I just exposed to this portion of the available programming?

(it’s also normal to have shows like Entertainment Tonight on. Ugh, tabloid journalism!)

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