No News.

No news since the last update. Except that Vegas has been added to our trip out west. Woot! I’ve never been – if anyone has advice on what to see/do while there (other than the mind-numbingly obvious), let us know!

4 thoughts on “No News.

  1. There’s *tons* to do in Vegas. I just spent a week there back in October, and of that week, maybe 2 hours was spent gambling.Hoover Dam is impressive regardless, but when you behold it and realize it was built 70+ years ago, you’re floored.The Atomic Testing Museum is a poignant, editorial-free archive of those moments that ushered in the Atomic Age and punctuated the latter half of the 20th century. If you have a spare hour, you can see all of it, though I was there for three, and still felt like I left a lot behind.The Flamingo has a neat bird habitat that’s worth seeing if you have the time.The forum shops by Caesar’s Palace make for fun browsing, but if your time in Vegas is short, there are lots of better ways to spend your time.There’s lots of great food to be found, just about anywhere you turn.I could go on, but I won’t. You two take care of yourselves, enjoy your trip, be safe, see lots, live much, love more, and give me a holler when you get back–you’re missed.

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