U.S. Travel Itinerary

Friday, April 3rd – Last Day at Work

(sometime here – party! Easter Weekend is an issue, though.)

Friday, April 17th – Leave Tulsa in the morning, go to Dallas. Spend day with Jimmy and Jim.

Saturday, April 18th – Drive to Austin. Watch a film at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Sunday, April 19th – Looong drive to Flagstaff. It’s a major metropolitan center close to the Grand Canyon, so we’ll stay around there most likely.

Monday, April 20th – Enjoy the scenic Grand Canyon.

Tuesday, April 21st – Head to Vegas.

Wednesday, April 22nd and Thursday, April 23rd – Vegas Enjoyment

Friday, April 24th – Head to Los Angeles.

Saturday, April 25th through Wednesday, April 27th – California Hijinks. Would like to see my friend Bobby and the Reagan Library (the Magna Carta is there!). Also, In n Out Burger.

Tuesday, April 28th – Our Boat Leaves.

Things may change slightly, but that’s what we’re looking at for now.

One thought on “U.S. Travel Itinerary

  1. I think you will enjoy the In n Out burger. However, I also think you will realize how over-hyped it is from people on the left coast. I predict you will still enjoy places like Hardens more. I await your review.

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